Excellent service!!!. The one to one relationship always remembering our preferences for scrubs, logos, etc. Many of our selections are special orders and they are very quick in all the process always keeping you posted about the status and arrival date. Best option for us!!!


Large and clean store. Private dressing rooms and large selection of inexpensive to high end brands. Misc. medical items also. Parking is reserved out front since the Twin Peaks Restaurant next door can get pretty busy. Would've given 5 stars but gotta admit, the prices are a few dollars more for similar brands when compared to other uniform shops I have been to.


I am returning to the work force after being out of practice for 15 years. I am currently in the RN Refresher Course at UTHC SA and I needed scrubs for my clinicals. While I can appreciate all the advances that have been made in the health care field and with technology, somethings are better left unchanged. The staff at Classic Uniforms provided me good old-fashioned impeccable customer service. I'm sorry I don't know their names, but the young lady and young man who were working on 10 May 2014 at around 3 pm were very courteous and helpful. Having that personal touch made this shopping experience wonderful. Thank you very much. I high recommend shopping here.


Went to this place to buy scrubs for the first time (ever)!! I knew what color I needed, but had no clue how to find it or if they had it in my size. Rudy was an outstanding employee with great customer service who took the time to show me what I needed and explained the different brands to me. He was very patient with me and even shared the best methods for washing them in order to preserve their color. The store offers a 15% discount if you have proof of employment (such as a name badge or letter of employment), but Rudy honored the discount for me when I showed him an e-mail from my boss. They can also order scrubs for you if they don't have what you need in the store without charging you for shipping and honoring the 15% discount. Wonderful place, I highly recommend it.